On this, we have a dead valley system so pretty much we have two slopes of the roof that funnel into one dead valley then shed water throughout the building. There is an internal drain system. The issue with this is basically over the years this dead valley has deteriorated. So we have seam issues. We also have internal drain issues.

What we did right now is we put a 405 on one of the scenes to get a pull on that, to see if we can block it. Then we put 502 in the main channel here to see what bondage we get in the event that we do proceed with this. We would be looking to fiber reinforce everything in case there’s a back-flowing issue on the roof. So first I’m going to pull on the 502. That’s good adhesion, that’s what you want to see from the manufacturer. We’ll do one more pull on this. Really good pulls with the 4 our 502 and then we have one of the 405 on the scene. That’s there.

So in 10 years of me doing this, I’ve never been able to do that without breaking fiber, so that’s really good bondage as far as the metal goes on the seam. So I think with a fiber-reinforced 405 and then probably a finish coat of the 502, you should have a good system here, Sir. Anybody got a knife on them? It’s all right I got it. Jeez that is ridiculous. That’s very impressive honestly.

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