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Trust our New Braunfels roofing company to handle your next residential or commercial roofing installation. Cool Roofs Inc provides all roofing services from new builds, roof repairs & replacing, to emergency roof restorations. Serving clients all across Guadalupe County and Central Texas. Proudly supporting our Veterans & Military.


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Looking Out For You

For years, we have provided New Braunfels and surrounding areas with professional roofing services of every kind. Our mission is to provide high-quality, energy-efficient roof systems at as low a cost as possible to building owners. We honor our warranties and are available to all clients for services or repairs in the following cities:

New Braunfels
San Antonio
Canyon Lake
San Marcos
Guadalupe County
Central Texas

We are grateful to provide all roofing service needs:

Commercial Painting

You will not find a better price for commercial painting projects, new construction, retail space, universities, and regular building maintenance.

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Siding Install & Repair

Why work with anyone else? We are your end-to-end service for all your siding needs. Speak with our team today and get the lowest quote on the market.

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Cool roofs shoud be your first & only choice in roofing

What Separates us from the rest?

We have been the go to roofing team in Central Texas for the last 10 years. Now we are a national company with the intention to serve all.

No Hidden Costs

We believe in 100% transparent pricing. We will never be the company that says one thing and does another!


Leading Experts

Professional execution at its finest. We are experts in our work. Forming some of the strongest partnerships to deliver the highest quality!


End-to-End Solution

Our solution not only includes commercial, residential and military roofing. But also Commercial painting and Siding for all needs. Why work with anyone else?


Sustainable Practices

We only source the highest quality material in building out our projects. We build sustainable roofs and always keep our future in mind.


Military Experience

There are very few companies in our industry that are fortunate enough to help our military. Our team has the proper accreditation’s to get the job done.



We built our business around simplifying your roofing needs. So you get exactly what you need without the any headaches, that’s our promise.


Experience what cost-effective, quality assured roofing is like.

Fill out our quick 60 second quote and you will hear from our team within 24 hours.

National Contracts, backed by the best

Commercial Expertise

We have assembled a team of some of the best minds to take your quote and turn it into a full fledged plan to serve all of your needs. Our team has providing millions of square feet in roofing serving grand scale commercial projects, military bases and even your local mom and pop shop.

In the last few years our team has built up a reputation for a job well done and have earned the opportunity to serve our military. Right now,  Cool Roofs has been fortunate enough to work on naval bases, air hangers, camps and even military residential communities. We are proud to serve and we are proud to provide the work that we do.

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Proudly serving all 50 states

National Roofing Solution

We started off as a small company 10 years ago focusing on providing the best possible roofing solutions in Central Texas. We have been providing the highest quality services in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, New Braunfels, Austin and a few more since we began.

Over the last few years our team has massively expanded our capabilities while maintaining the same exact quality assured service from when we started out in our backyard. Now we have taken on projects from coast to coast providing commercial, residential and military roofing work anywhere in our great nation.

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Tips & Tricks on conserving your roofs, saving money, protecting your health and much more! Check out our blog for more.

January 15, 2022
Why You Should Consider a Career in Roofing

For some individuals, it is hard to determine the next step in the right direction when choosing the career of their preferred choice. College is not for everyone nor is working a nine to five in the corporate setting. When most individuals think of roofing, they think of working on the surface of a hot […]

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Your central Texas roof protects your estate from extreme heat in the summer months, harsh weather-related events ( hail and wind storms ), and grants your house an architectural appeal. However, if you are not actively inspecting your roof for damage or performing yearly maintenance, it will gradually deteriorate and become susceptible to damage. It […]

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December 14, 2021
Cool Roofs – Austin TX location is now open

Great news! Our new Austin office is now open for all residential and commercial roofing jobs. Our team spearheaded by Hudson Whitten is excited to bring decades of roofing experience and world-class customer service. Exciting news! Our new #austinroofing location is open! Austin Roofing – Cool Roofs Inc. 2506 S Lamar Blvd, Suite B, Austin, […]

How to inspect a PVC commercial roof system

Have a pvc commercial roof on your commercial property? Hudson recently did a walk-through and has these tips on how to inspect pvc commercial roofs.

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November 18, 2021
Best Commercial Building Inspection TX

Hey, my name is Hudson of Cool Roofs Austin– owner, managing partner. Today, we’re doing a commercial building inspection. Few things to consider whenever you are doing a commercial building inspection. Number one is what your customer requires. Number two what is the building consists of, the constructional integrity of decking, and then what is […]

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